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Nuri is the new reality of banking, empowering people to save and grow money and achieve their personal financial freedom. With the complete German mobile bank account, customers can not only manage their daily finances and set up savings plans, but also invest into cryptocurrencies and even earn interest on their bitcoin. Everything modern consumers need to build their financial future — all in one place.


When Nuri set out to create Germany’s first crypto-enabled bank account, they wanted to ensure it doesn’t only cater to crypto-savants, but to any user that wants to tap into crypto and make the most of their money. However, to realize their vision, Nuri had to overcome a number of roadblocks:

  1. To offer a crypto-enabled bank account in Germany, Nuri needed both a banking license to handle their customers’ fiat funds, as well as a crypto custody license to safely store their customers’ digital assets. But both these licenses impose heaps of resource-intensive regulatory obligations upon Nuri, from capital requirements to anti-money-laundering regulations.
  2. In order to seize the momentum of the crypto hype, Nuri wanted to scale quickly and stay lean. This meant outsourcing the license requirements and infrastructure-intensive processes, such as identifications, SEPA processing and crypto custody. But using different providers for each component could lead to a disjointed jumble of partnerships that would be hard to scale in parallel. So, Nuri needed a one-stop-shop partner that shared their crypto DNA.
  3. Offering a crypto trading feature is one thing, making it user-friendly is another. Nuri wanted to create an instant, hassle-free experience that anyone could use. While the demand for investing into crypto is high in Germany, the responsibility of opening a wallet at an exchange and safekeeping their own private keys in physical form would likely be intimidating for inexperienced users.

Our solution

One-stop shop

One-stop shop

By partnering with Solaris and its 100% subsidiary Solaris Digital Assets, Nuri was able to source the full suite of infrastructure modules it needed from a single API integration. From SEPA enabled bank accounts and branded debit cards to digital identification services and of course a user-friendly crypto custody solution, Solaris’ Banking-as-a-Service platform offered everything Nuri needed, saving valuable integration time and allowing for a far more scalable set up.

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Crypto made easy

Crypto made easy

With the licensed custody solution of Solaris Digital Assets, Nuri can offer hassle-free custodial crypto wallets to their users, in addition to the existing customer owner wallets (non-custodial). The new wallet infrastructure enables Nuri customers to safely buy, hold and sell Bitcoin and Ether without having to worry about losing their private key. Further, Solaris Digital Assets’ internal bookkeeping system enables instant off-chain crypto transfers between Nuri’s customers, significantly reducing the network costs for Nuri and boosting the speed of crypto transactions.

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The project in numbers

250,000+users already building their wealth with Nuri
5%interest per year on the user's Bitcoin
<1minute for a crypto transfer between two Nuri users

Hear what our partners have to say

Through its reliable services and regulatory umbrella Solaris and Solaris Digital Assets’ abstract away a lot of complexity and lets us focus on what we do best: creating an outstanding user experience for Nuri’s customers.
Kristina Walcker-Mayer
Kristina Walcker-Mayer

CEO of Nuri

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