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Admirals a global online financial hub, provides a comprehensive financial experience for institutional and retail clients. With a wide range of services and tools, customers can manage funds, invest in over 4000 financial instruments, and make secure purchases using Admirals' physical and virtual cards. Payment cards allow customers to have more flexibility with their money and make this wealth platform stand out from the competition by offering a full scale of sophisticated financial services.


Customers who earned profits through investments or trading faced the inconvenience of withdrawing funds from the platform to spend. Recognizing this time-consuming process, Admirals aimed to introduce a debit card for customers to use directly, streamlining and improving their spending experience.

  1. Becoming a principal member of a card scheme is essential for providing payment cards, but it's a time-consuming, expensive, and intricate process. The company must navigate through challenges, demonstrating a commitment to overcoming temporal, financial, and operational hurdles associated with acquiring such membership.
  2. Given the uncertainty surrounding the potential outcomes of this additional revenue stream, the company was mindful of allocating human and financial resources to it.
  3. As a global company, Admirals aimed to provide customers with the ability to spend funds immediately upon signing up for the platform. However, the delivery of the physical card takes some time.

Our solution

Spend with Ease: Admirals Introduces Solaris Visa Debit Cards

Spend with Ease: Admirals Introduces Solaris Visa Debit Cards

With Solaris’ Visa debit physical and virtual cards, Admirals’ customers can now spend their earned profits conveniently. In a few simple steps, customers can obtain a fully functional virtual card for online transactions. Those who prefer a physical card for spending can request one anytime. This eliminates the need for customers to seek another financial services provider, boosting customer loyalty and creating additional revenue streams for Admirals. Furthermore, Admirals' cards seamlessly integrate with Google Pay for a hassle-free tap-and-go payment experience.

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The Admirals Debit Card, a pivotal component of our brand, offers a modernised approach to everyday financial activities. By providing both physical and virtual options of the card, we proudly extend to our clients a seamless and globally accessible financial experience, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction.
Sergei Bogatenkov
Sergei Bogatenkov

CEO and Chairman of Management Board at Admirals

In a digital-first age, our partnership with Solaris underscores our shared mission to democratize financial freedom and provide cutting-edge digital solutions. We've always aimed to empower our customers, and this card streamlines financial management in today's digital world by simplifying online transactions and enhancing the spending experience.
Jekaterina Davydova
Jekaterina Davydova

Team Lead in Payment & Settlement Systems at Admirals

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