Offer digital loans to your customers on your terms

With our white-labeled loan and receivable fronting service, we enable you to offer your retail and business customers tailor-made financial solutions entirely in your branding.

As a fully licensed bank, we cover all regulated steps of the lending process for you.

Your customers. Your brand.

From loan origination to payout, our process complies with all banking regulations, is fully automated and integrated into your front-end via API. Meanwhile, you can propose the risk scoring model based on your risk appetite and expertise and keep a substantial say in loan pricing, servicing, and repayments.

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How it works

01Your customer

Your customers apply for a loan or receivables financing via your user interface. No paperwork is required.


You propose a scoring model and a price for the loan based on your expertise and risk appetite.


In your front-end, Solaris identifies the customer through our fully digital KYC process. After successful identification and scoring, Solaris issues the loan and pays it out or purchases the receivables.

04Your balance sheet or refinancing vehicle

The loan agreements or receivables are immediately sold and transferred to yourself or a qualified party selected by you that finances and services the loan, allowing you to retain full ownership of customer relationship along the entire loan lifecycle.

Enabling your embedded lending use case

Lending for self employed

You know the needs of your customers the best, especially if you are serving niche industries. Create bespoke digital lending solutions matching the requirements of your self-employed customer base.

E-commerce marketplace lending

Bolster your transaction volume and help the merchants on your e- commerce platform to create a steady cashflow with made-to-measure merchant cash advances paid out quickly and digitally.

SME Lending

Offer digital SME loans to your clients in lightning speed with our integrated, paperless business KYC process and same-day payout.

Consumer Lending

Tighten your customer relationship and boost your revenue with a tailored consumer lending offering embedded directly into your user interface.


Offer our state-of-the-art and out-of-the-box Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) solutions to allow your customers to spend less time managing their finances. Our BNPL solution “Splitpay” allows our partners to provide a paperless and real-time application process that will increase customer satisfaction and boost our partners’ revenue.

Revenue-based financing

We enable young and high-growth companies to boost their liquidity by leveraging new data sources to develop advanced risk assessment models.

Merchant cash advances

Many small and medium-sized businesses cannot get traditional bank loans to do all of the things they want to do. Through us, our partners can offer merchant cash advances. It is a solution for small businesses that just need a little extra cash.

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Your benefits

Increased user retention

With Solaris, you remain the sole owner of your customer journey. By offering bespoke financing solutions you multiply your customer touchpoints and build long term relationships with your customers.

New revenue streams

With convenient and fast financing solutions you can unlock additional revenue streams through interest income.

Tailored market solution

With our Fronting Service, you can calibrate your preferred risk scoring. This enables you to leverage your customer data to offer highly competitive loan pricing and get an edge in the market.

Speed & convenience

Our automated Fronting Service creates a digital experience for your customers from start to finish and enables a rapid payout in as little as 3 minutes upon loan approval and successful identification.

Hear what our partners have to say

Car dealers live from the fact that they buy cars quickly and get going. To do this, they need quick and uncomplicated loan approvals. Solaris’ automated loan origination enables exactly this, while allowing us to keep full ownership of our user experience.
Taimur Andre Rashid
Taimur Andre Rashid

Head of Auto1 FinTech

Our API - elegant and easy to integrate

Collect customer data

In the first step of the application, data on the business, the legal representative and beneficiary owner is collected, upon which the API returns unique IDs.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /businesses
POST /persons
POST /businesses/:business_id/legal_representatives
POST /businesses/:business_id/beneficial_ownders
Create a repayment plan

In the next step the volume, duration and interest rate are determined. As our partner you can align on the ranges for these values with us.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /repayment_plans
Create a loan application

As soon as the repayment plan and business details are determined, the SME loan application is created with one API call. The application can be retrieved to show its status.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /businesses/:business_id/loan_applications
Identify your customer

Our integrated Business Know Your Customer (KYC) process can be carried out fully digitally via video identification on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, saving your customers’ time.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /persons/:person_id/identifications
Trigger the payout

After successful identification and scoring, the payout to your customer is ready to be triggered.

Sample endpoints of our API
PUT /businesses/:business_id/loan_applications/:/loan_application_id/authorization

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