Consumer Lending

The easiest way to offer consumer loans in your own branding

Our API-based solution enables you to integrate consumer loans directly into your product. Our swift application process is fully digital, paperless and mobile, allowing your customers to receive a credit decision as fast as 10 minutes.


Fully digital loan application in your branding

Our white-label solution integrates seamlessly into your online applications, creating an unbroken customer journey entirely in your look and feel.

Ready for your business model

Challenger banks

Challenger Banks looking to enrich their product portfolio with digital consumer loans can simply integrate the Consumer Lending API into their existing banking application.


E-commerce retailers can boost their conversion rates and create new customer touchpoints by enabling their customers to pay via loan at checkout without ever leaving the customer journey.

Credit intermediaries

Credit Intermediaries can further leverage their position as aggregators of lending products by offering their own branded loans directly through their online portals with Solaris.

Whatever your business case may be, our adaptive APIs allow you to tailor your lending solution to your needs.

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Your benefits

End-to-end solution

Our comprehensive solution includes customer onboarding, identification, automated risk-assessment, pay out and regulatory reporting.


The initial underwriting and scoring process can be done by yourself or by us. Our risk sharing model allows for a flexible participation in the interest revenue based on your risk appetite.

Adaptive pricing

Our adaptive and risk-based pricing adjusts to meet your changing customer demands.

Access to our ecosystem

Our Consumer Lending API can be combined seamlessly with other Solaris offerings like overdrafts, accounts and cards.

Cross-border expansion

Our APIs are built to scale. We can help you expand your business internationally by passporting our full German Banking license into 30 EEA countries.

Fast time to market

Our white-label solution speeds up the lending process by automating the risk assessment and digitizing the authentication and signing process.

Our API - elegant and easy to integrate

Credit information

Once your customer chooses the duration and amount of the loan, the API returns a unique ID, to which scoring and personal information is attached in the succeeding steps.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /credit
Credit scoring

This endpoint creates a new scoring process and is identified by the unique value in the id field.

Sample endpoints of our API

POST /credit/:credit_id/score
Credit conditions

After the scoring of your customer is completed and a contract offer can be made, the credit conditions are accessible through this endpoint.

Sample endpoints of our API
GET /credit/:credit_id/conditions
Credit confirmation

Once your customer receives the legal documents needed to enter into the loan contract via email, they confirm the receipt and approval of their loan conditions.

Sample endpoints of our API
GET /credit/:credit_id/confirm

Once your customer has agreed to the terms of the contract, all that's left to do is a quick video identification, allowing your customer to digitally sign the contract and receive their loan.

Sample endpoints of our API
GET /credit/:credit_id/person/identification_info

Let's start offering consumer loans together