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Finom is a one-stop-shop platform for banking, invoicing and expense management for entrepreneurs and SMEs. The company sets new standards for doing business and makes managing finances as easy as using a smartphone. With access to a full range of embedded financial services, Finom customers can focus on what is most valuable to their business: building great products.


Finom specializes in supporting SMEs and micro-businesses which play a crucial role in the European economy – representing 99% of all EU companies. So, Finom needs a partner that can offer a variety of financial services with easy integration for this target group. Solaris can! And helps overcome some key regulatory challenges enabling Finom to focus on developing the best UX for its customers.

  1. Offering digital banking accounts with attractive features to businesses requires a banking license. Finom was searching for a licensed partner that met all regulatory requirements.
  2. Finom wanted to expand its business internationally and started with Italy. There, the microenterprise market accounts for 25% of the total workforce. This means that Finom needs local IBANs, accounts and debit cards for this large customer segment.

Our solution

Bank account with local IBANs

Bank account with local IBANs

Finom uses Solaris' CRR banking license to offer business bank accounts and Visa debit cards to its customers. Within 48 hours, customers can open a bank account with German or Italian IBAN. This is the first time Solaris has expanded outside Germany into the B2B segment with local IBANs.

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Wide range of top-notch financial services

Wide range of top-notch financial services

Finom customers can easily organize their finances. With a single app, they can manage payments, bills, and banking transactions, and categorize expenses. Additional benefits - such as the highest cashback rates on the market - and free payment cards make for an unbeatable package. This makes Finom the only B2B fintech player in Italy to offer banking and e-invoicing on the same platform.

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Finom’s partnership with Solaris has the incredible power to take entrepreneurs’ financial services experience to the next level. Today we make customers’ complicated financial routines easier with Finom’s convenient and intuitive app on the back of Solaris’ top-notch financial solutions. We have a lot of plans and are excited about the opportunities ahead.
Konstantin Stiskin
Konstantin Stiskin

Co-Founder at Finom

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