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Founded in Zurich in 2021, Clanq is a fintech startup dedicated to assisting middle-income families with financial planning for their children. As a digital mentor for family finances, Clanq aims to support families in building a secure financial future through collective saving and cashback functions. Striving to empower families with confidence and security, Clanq seeks innovative solutions to enhance its unique financial platform.


The primary challenge Clanq faced was the need for a rapid market entry with a fully compliant and technologically advanced banking solution tailored for families. Launching their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within a tight timeframe required a partner with not only a reliable regulatory framework but also an exceptional technological infrastructure.

  1. Clanq needed to ensure full regulatory compliance within the German market to launch their innovative financial product, making a partnership with a well-established bank crucial for a swift and successful launch.
  2. To realize their vision, Clanq sought a partner with a cutting-edge tech stack capable of supporting unique features like multi-account setups, cashback functionalities, and family-centric banking services.

Our solution

Shaping comprehensive family finances

Shaping comprehensive family finances

Solaris equipped Clanq with a critical banking infrastructure, including SEPA transfers and standing orders, all within a secure regulatory framework. This foundational support allowed Clanq to concentrate on developing its family-centric financial services without the complexities of financial regulations. Additionally, Solaris’s adaptable technology facilitated the creation of customized features like multi-account setups for children and power-of-attorney access, streamlining the way families manage and save for their children's futures.

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Innovative financial solutions for families

Innovative financial solutions for families

The collaboration further extended to provide Clanq with specialized capabilities for managing cashback and fees, enhancing the overall banking experience. One of the partnership's standout achievements is the introduction of a family account feature, designed to manage family finances in the 3-account model and simplify collective saving efforts. This innovation, along with the ability for family members to make seamless transfers through trusted IBANs, truly captures Clanq’s vision of offering intuitive and inclusive financial services, making it easier for families to secure their children’s financial future within the Solaris ecosystem.

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What we like about the partnership with Solaris is the engagement of our key account partner, who is doing everything to bring our projects to a successful end by pulling together the know-how and expertise from Solaris.
Christina Hammer
Christina Hammer

Co-Founder and CMO at Clanq

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