Digital accounts: secure, customizable and tailor-made for your business

Put an end to inefficient banking systems, complicated payment processes, and high transaction fees for your customers. Turn the tide with feature-rich online bank accounts in your branding. Premium customer touch points guaranteed.

As a licensed bank and e-money institution (EMI), we empower our partners to offer various types of bank and e-money accounts for all financial purposes in the EU and the UK.

The starting point for great embedded financial services

The bank account is the cornerstone of close customer relationships in the financial world. It is both the product with the highest customer loyalty and the foundation for the development of financial services into a larger ecosystem that offers a great customer experience.

With our accounts, you can process various types of payments, loans and overdrafts and add other financial services products.

This enables you to strengthen your core offering with features such as bonuses, loyalty points, buy-now-pay-later and cashback rewards.

Used by partners such as

Offer the account that is best for your users

Checking accounts

Almost a classic: Our digital bank accounts are designed to change the customer experience and provide the backbone for a rich financial services ecosystem through a scalable infrastructure.

Business bank accounts

Our business accounts for the self-employed, freelancers and small and medium-sized businesses can be combined with first-class features, such as real-time tax estimates. Use additional sub-accounts with separate IBANs for returns or taxes.

Savings accounts

Enable sub-accounts and allow your customers to achieve their savings goals and manage their spending habits. Customized IBANs, rewards, interest rates, and more - making saving fun and easy.

EMI accounts

Offer e-money accounts that allow customers to accept and make payments in the UK and EEA without the need for a bank account. EMI accounts come with addressable account numbers, sort codes, BICs, IBANs and Bank IDs.

Restricted accounts (wallets)

Restricted accounts - a light version of our checking accounts - come with separate IBANs and can be used for investing, trading, wealth management or long-term payments. Allow your customers to set up restricted accounts for a clearly defined purpose.

Our responsive and real-time account technology services


A fully digital account opening process with the help of our outstanding identification services covering all the EEA countries with an option of local IBANs in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK and Lithuania.

Real-time data

Gives you a better understanding of your customers´ usage, needs, and spending patterns. As a result, products can be optimized, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

SEPA Credit Transfer

Empower your customers to send and receive payments in euros between two cross-border bank accounts in the eurozone. Transfer of euro funds guaranteed in less than ten seconds - 365 days a year, around the clock.

Access to Open Banking

As an Account Servicing Payment Service Provider (ASPSP) and fully licensed bank, we can help you reshape your account holders' customer experience by enabling them to engage with Open Banking services.

From user account to bank account

By offering our financial services, businesses can transform what were previously just user accounts into fully comprehensive bank accounts.

By linking user and behavioral data with payment data, you can offer your customers a customized set of financial services tailored to their personal needs and circumstances.

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Your benefits

100% secure

The deposits of your customers in bank accounts are protected by the German Deposit Guarantee Act up to an amount of EUR 100,000.

Fast time to market

With our e-money license, you can easily offer payment accounts to your customers and get to market in weeks instead of months.

Establish an ecosystem

Customize our white-label accounts by choosing from our range of value-added services such as Buffer, P2P payments, budgeting tools and rewards to create a tailored account offering.

Easy connection of payment cards

Use our account-first-approach to support your debit or credit card offerings.

Create more value with data

Leverage the power of our data platform, learn more about your customers' spending patterns, and improve your product offering.

Become a customer-centric powerhouse

Help retail customers and businesses manage their finances efficiently, reduce transaction fees, and streamline payment procedures.

Our API - elegant and easy to integrate


Provide your customers with real time information on all cash movements on their accounts.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /persons/:person_id/accounts

Our accounts support various payment methods, including SEPA Credit Transfers and SEPA Direct Debits, as well as different authorization flows.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /persons/:person_id/accounts/:account_id/transactions/sepa_credit_transfer

Provide real-time notifications and alerts to your customers, such as new account bookings or successful card transactions. Our webhooks support flexible workflows and event-driven process flows.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /webhooks

Let's start offering various types of accounts for all financial purposes