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About Solaris

Who is Solaris?

Solaris is Europe's leading Banking-as-a-Service platform. As a technology company with a full German banking license, Solaris enables other companies to offer their own financial services. Via APIs, partners integrate Solaris’ modular banking services directly into their own product offering. The platform offers digital bank accounts and payment cards, identification and lending services, digital asset custody as well as services provided by integrated third-party providers. Solaris is regulated by the European Central Bank and the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, BaFin.

Is Solaris subject to banking supervision by BaFin?

Yes, Solaris has a full German banking license and is therefore subject to the supervision of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin).

Will I receive unsolicited e-mails from Solaris?

You will not receive any advertising from Solaris. All communication towards you will typically take place via our partner or directly within the App of our partner. Due to the contractual relationship between Solaris and the partner, you may however receive notifications from both parties in the course of using this product. 

I want to collaborate with Solaris, how can I do this?

Please answer a few short questions here so we can evaluate your needs. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

I have heard about the BGH ruling on AGB changes - can I successfully reclaim fees already paid?

In its ruling of 27 April 2021, the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) ruled that clauses in general terms and conditions ("GTC") may be invalid if they simulate the customer's consent to changes in the GTC in the absence of an objection within a certain period of time. Solaris also used a corresponding clause in its GTC.

Since the publication of the ruling, Solaris will only make material changes to the contract, which include changes to our list of prices and services, with your express consent. For this purpose, Solaris will send you a notification of the planned change and its background via cooperation partners. You have the option of accepting or rejecting this change. In the absence of a response within two months, Solaris must assume that you are not actively using the account and will restrict your access to Online Banking until you have provided a response.

Another consequence of the ruling is that bank customers can reclaim the overcharges they have paid on the basis of unlawful increases. These can be, for example, account management fees or other fees for payment services. The refund obligation applies to all claims for refund that are not yet time-barred. Please note that Solaris has only introduced or increased isolated fees by means of an amendment to the GTC during the relevant period. If you are of the opinion that a fee adjustment should have been inadmissible, please contact Solaris’ Customer Support via e-mail to

Data protection & privacy

Where is my personal data being stored?

Compliance with data protection regulations is of great importance to Solaris. Your data will be handled confidentially and will not be transmitted to third parties, apart from the third parties we inform the customer about in out Information on Data processing. For further information please check here and here.

How do I find out what Solaris knows about me and my personal data?

In accordance with GDPR, Solaris provides transparency about storage of personal data upon request. Please reach out to the customer support of our partner above.

What does Solaris do with my tax information?

As a bank we are required by law to collect your Tax ID and report it to the regulatory authorities.

How does Solaris protect my customer data?

As a processor of personal data, Solaris is subject to data protection policies as per the present regulations. Due to this, it operates with secured servers and encrypted Internet connections. 


Why do I need to identify and how does this process work?

For regulatory reasons, you must identify yourself to use this product. Currently, you can identify yourself through a video ident process, from home or mobile. A connection will be established between you and our video ident provider, IDNow, to check your ID card/passport.

How long does the identification process take?

The VideoIdent process is completely digital and is typically completed in fewer than 10 minutes.

Can I also identify personally in a branch of Solaris?

Solaris is a purely digital bank. Hence, we do not have any branches. Please use the identification method provided to you by our partner.

Why did the identification fail?

It is possible that the identification was interrupted due to instability in your internet connection. It can also be that the lighting conditions or your camera resolution were insufficient to detect and document all the security features of your ID document.

Is the VideoIdent process secure?

The VideoIdent process always meets the highest technical security standards and is approved by the regulatory authorities. All your data is subject to applicable privacy policies.

What is an identification / legitimation?

For new customers, the law requires Solaris to perform a unique identity verification (legitimacy). These are carried out by our service provider IDnow.

How does the identification (legitimation) process work?

In order to identify our customers, we use IDnow as a service provider for identification processes. You will need internet access, a computer with a webcam or a smartphone or tablet and a valid identification document. The identification takes place via a live video connection to an IDnow agent. Experience has shown that the customer needs a stable internet connection. It is therefore advisable to conduct the identification from a WiFi network to avoid the process being aborted.

Loan approval and repayment

Who grants the loan?

The loan is granted by Solaris, based in Berlin and fully licensed by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) as the loan contract is between the customer and Solaris.

Will my credit rating / scoring be checked?

We are legally obliged to check the creditworthiness of the applicant. This check is always carried out with every loan and credit line application. For the scoring we use both the data from your "Kontocheck" account check and the information provided by the SCHUFA.

Will Solaris request my SCHUFA?

Yes, but the request to the SCHUFA is a pure condition request and thus completely scoring neutral, since the result of the credit request is not conveyed to the Schufa. The deletion of this request occurs automatically and is not visible to other banks. A rejection of your loan application thus has no negative impact on your SCHUFA score.

Can I apply for a loan as a freelancer?

Unfortunately not. A prerequisite for applying for a consumer loan with Solaris is the receipt of income from gainful employment.

Are there any hidden costs and fees?

No, there are no hidden costs and fees. All applicable fees are included in the terms & conditions, in the services & price list and in the contract of the loan. If the loan application should not be granted, there are no costs.

Who can apply for a consumer loan?

All employees, civil servants and pensioners can receive the consumer loan if they fulfill the following conditions: they must have a permanent residence in Germany, be over 18 years old and must be able to demonstrate a positive credit rating and positive financial situation. Each applicant also needs to identify themselves before entering into a loan agreement.

Can I add a second borrower for the loan application?

At the current time, it is not possible to consider a second borrower within the loan application process.

Do I have to provide additional documents to prove my eligibility for the loan application?

The entire application process can be completed digitally. From application and identification to signing the contract: you don't have to print out or send any documents by mail.

What is the purpose of the account check ("Kontocheck")?

As a fully licensed bank, Solaris has to assess the risk of a loan or credit line and decide whether it can be approved on an individual basis. For this purpose, Solaris uses the information in the salary account of the applicant to automatically get an overview of your financial situation. This is a much more convenient and faster option for the applicant than copying, scanning and emailing bank statements and salary slips, which entail the same information.

How does the account check ("Kontocheck") process work?

The account check ("Kontocheck") analyzes your salary account information to provide an overview of your financial situation. To do so, you have to enter the access data for your salary account during your application for the loan or credit line. Your data will not be saved, but used exclusively for checking your creditworthiness and will be transmitted via an encrypted connection.

What should I do if my bank account has changed?

Please contact us with an e-mail to We will then send you the form for a new SEPA direct debit mandate by e-mail.

What is a SEPA direct debit mandate?

A SEPA direct debit mandate is the legal justification for the collection of SEPA direct debits. A mandate includes both the payer's consent to collect payments by SEPA direct debit to the payee and the order to the own payment service provider to redeem the payment.

How can I cancel my loan agreement?

You can revoke the credit agreement within 14 days after payment. The revocation must be made in text form.

How do I pay my loan installments?

The installments are deducted directly from your account by direct debit mandate each month.

Why was my loan or credit line application rejected?

The credit decision is made on the basis of all the data available to us and is generally not based on a single factor but on an assessment of your overall economic situation. Please make sure that the current account used for the application is an individual account on which your regular salary is paid.

To which account can I transfer special payments?

If you want to do a special payment, please get in touch with the Customer Support team above.

How does the back/reversed settlement of the loan work in terms of payment?

The loan already disbursed, plus the interest to be paid for the period of use, must then be repaid to Solaris within a maximum of 30 days from the date of revocation.

When do I find out if my loan application was successful?

As soon as the identification process has been successfully completed, you will be informed about the credit decision via e-mail within one business day.

You need to speak to our customer support team directly?

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