Securities Brokerage

Wealth building smart and simple - all via one API

The Securities Brokerage-as-a-Service platform allows you to offer to your customers non-advisory trading. With this service, you can act as a tied agent.

Innovative Solution

In collaboration with multiple service providers, we developed a unique and innovative API solution connecting Solaris partners to securities brokerage and custody services. With Securities Brokerage-as-a-Service your customers can trade several types of securities - stocks, ETFs and funds.

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Product Features

Instruments & Markets

Instruments & Markets

  • Your customers have access to several exchanges
  • Multiple order types are available: market, limit, stop
Added Value

Added Value

  • Enable your customers to have an instant payout after the sale of securities
  • Empower your customers to use their main bank account to directly place orders
  • No need to transfer money to a different brokerage account
  • Trade possibilities of fractional shares
  • Offer additional features like savings plans or fonds
  • Use competitive pricing models
Regulatory & Taxation

Regulatory & Taxation

  • We provide you with a liability umbrella for brokerage services
  • Most of the regulatory requirements (WpHG, MiFID) are covered by Solaris
  • Automated taxation of securities is available for German residents
  • Your business will act as a tied agent for Solaris

How it works

01Seamlessly integrate our REST API into the value chain

02Leverage our KYC and Digital Banking products

03Empower your customers to easily trade in real-time

04Enjoy our unique onboarding support

Your benefits


One connectivity for both digital banking and investment services provide maximum convenience.

Reliable & licensed partners

The product is serviced by specialized providers, which are licensed and supervised by the German financial authority (BaFin).

All banking services in one app

Your users’ financial needs could be serviced in one app– increasing your customer retention and loyalty.

Instant payout

Allow instant payouts and immediately send funds to a client’s account's debit card or bank account after the sale of securities.

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