Digital Assets Brokerage

Enable your customers to buy, sell and hold crypto

Integrate our Brokerage API to offer a seamless crypto trading experience. Instant, secure and fully compliant with German regulatory requirements.

Create a trading experience your customers will love

Create a trading experience your customers will love

Our API nestles in neatly behind your frontend and allows you to create an intuitive and simple user experience entirely in your branding. The Brokerage API allows your customers to safely buy and sell digital assets instantaneously - anytime and anywhere.


How it works

Enter trade
Confirm and execute trade


Your customer selects which digital asset they wish to trade, including Bitcoin, Ether and many other crypto currencies and ERC-20 tokens.

02Enter trade

Your customer enters the Euro amount they wish to trade for the asset of their choice.

03Confirm and execute trade

Your customer performs a multi-factor authentication to safely confirm and execute their trade.

We enable a number of use cases

Already offering Digital asset services

Crypto Exchanges and Brokers

Take away the risk of self-custody from your users and boost their interaction with your exchange or trading app.

STO Platforms

Offer your investors a secure and convenient way to participate in your STO. From the identification process and collection of fiat funds to the custody of your tokens, our APIs have you covered from end to end.
Start offering Digital asset services

Financial Institutions

Diversify your product portfolio by giving your customers the opportunity to invest in digital assets. Our state-of-the-art platform can be integrated seamlessly into the offerings of private banks, investment banks and security brokers.


Whether you are a neobank, a roboadvisor or a digital broker, by offering your customers transparent and convenient crypto-wallets, you can tap into new revenue streams and gain a competitive edge.

Your benefits

New opportunities

Distinguish your brand from your competitors and attract new customer segments by adding a convenient trading feature to your product.


With Solaris’ brokerage set-up, each trade your customer makes is settled between their crypto wallet and their Solaris fiat account, allowing for instant settlement at zero cost for you.

Higher engagement

Crypto trading boosts the number of touchpoints you have with your customers and extends the customer lifetime.

New revenue streams

By partnering with Solaris Digital Assets, you can earn an attractive brokerage fee on each fiat to crypto trade your customers make.

End-to-end compliance

From the KYC process and fiat account provided by Solaris to our crypto custody, all components of our solution are compliant with German regulatory requirements.

Maximum Security

To ensure the safety of your customers' assets at all times. they are stored with our Custody solution built on the most secure multi-party-computation technology.

Our API - elegant and easy to integrate

Trading Pairs

You can list all Trading Pairs on the platform or a specific Trading Pair (such as "BTC/EUR") by a unique identifier.

Sample endpoints of our API
GET /v1/trading/pairs
GET /v1/trading/pairs/{trading_pair_id}

The Price endpoint provides an indicative trade price for a given Trading Pair in real time.

Sample endpoints of our API
GET /v1/trading/pairs/{trading_pair_id}/price
GET /v1/trading/pairs/{trading_pair_id}/price?amount={amount}

A POST to this endpoint submits a new trade request on the platform to be executed upon approval by the account holder.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /v1/trading/trades
GET /v1/trading/trades
GET /v1/trading/trades/{trade_id}

Enable your customers to buy, sell and hold crypto