solarisBank and Kontist: an up-close look into our collaboration

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solarisBank and Kontist: an up-close look into our collaboration

Over the last two years, solarisBank has launched a multitude of products and features. We started with an automated e-money and payment product, developed one of the first fully digital consumer loans, and created digital banking solutions and features — some of which came into existence with our first digital banking partner, Kontist.

If you haven’t heard of Kontist, they offer a digital bank account customized for the needs of freelancers and the self-employed. The collaboration between the two ambitious startups began early on in 2016, when each organization had only a few employees. Now that both companies have grown in size and customer base, the teams at solarisBank and Kontist sat down to discuss our joint learnings and successes before a recent evening celebration hosted at solarisBank’s HQ.


With success of course comes challenges. As two young startups trying to innovate and break down banking barriers, managing our relationship was difficult at times. From creating a digital banking product together that has never existed before, to identifying what freelancers really need in a banking product, each challenge presented an opportunity for us to learn together and create a truly innovative solution.

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We explore some of the key events and learnings in the case study video below. Learn more about the Kontist product empowered by solarisBank, featuring some of Kontist and solarisBank’s key stakeholders from Management, Product, Tech, and Legal.

It was a pleasure speaking to the respective teams from Kontist and solarisBank, and uncovering more of our joint story at the evening event. We’re looking forward to our future work together!

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