Mindfulness Decoded

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Mindfulness Decoded

Mental health, self-care and mindfulness - three topics that have gained in importance in recent years and, not least, are shaping the working world of the "New Normal".

Although a new study by the Frauenhofer Institute reveals that workers very much want to return to the office, the question arises as to how the balancing act between working from home, office time and a healthy work-life balance can be sensibly managed.

A closer look at this topic reveals that the productivity of both in-person and remote work is influenced by the same key factors: Leadership and a healthy, supportive corporate culture.

Companies that are well positioned in both areas can achieve high employee productivity, regardless of where their workplace is located.

At Solaris, April is our official health month, with the aim to support our employees in living a healthy life and live their potential to the fullest. This year it was all about mindfulness.

Sessions and practices around mindful breathing, body scan meditation, and gratitude practice were led by our yoga instructor Eva Kaczor and our colleague Akriti Gupta.

Solarians, who were the participants of the April Health Month, joined with different degrees of experience in practicing mindfulness. Still, they all had one thing in common: an open mind and an unbeatable dedication to the sessions offered.

Drawing on our core values: Constant Evolution and Mutual Growth, here are some reflections from Solarians on how they experienced April Health Month and their learnings, along with some tips on practicing mindfulness.

Be aware and present in everything you do

Even while your daily routine, such as having your first drink of the day. Savor your drink's taste, smell, and flavor, and notice the cup's warmth in your hands. Remember the aftertaste for a moment or two. What did you notice? What is it like to spend some time savoring your drink? Is this different from how you usually drink your first drink of the day?

Quote - Bianca

Explore a new route home

When we walk a different path, we have to engage all five of our senses as we move through a new space – it's a meditative act. Pay attention to every step you take, and be aware of your surroundings and sounds.

What do you see around you?

Did you notice anything surprising, different, or new? What was it like to step out of your regular walking route? How did it feel to slow down and center yourself in this new way?

Quote - Lucas

Turn the 'but' into 'and'

Our language often affects us without even noticing. The word "but" on the one hand can often put us in a conflict situation that may not exist. The term "and", on the other hand, sends our brain in search of a solution and keeps our mind motivated for longer.

If we simply replace the word "but" with "and", we can try turning our “but-situations” into “and-solutions”.

Quote - Fabian

Celebrate yourself, even the little things

Perhaps you thought it was vain or arrogant to celebrate something small, don't worry if that was the case – we can often find it easier to celebrate others' achievements than our own.

But, if we can focus on some of the small and positive things we do for ourselves, it can make a huge difference in our well-being. So stick to all positive thoughts, yet focus as much as possible on the feelings that arise when you acknowledge a job well done for yourself.

Everyone deserves a bit of praise – especially you!

Quote - Estefania

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