Navigating the interview process at Solaris: Unveiling the path to your career destination

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Navigating the interview process at Solaris: Unveiling the path to your career destination

Embarking on a journey towards a fulfilling career often involves passing through a series of checkpoints, one of the most significant being the interview process. At Solaris, we understand the importance of a thorough and insightful interview process that not only assesses your technical prowess but also gauges your compatibility with our culture and values. In this blog, we shed light on the interview process at Solaris, providing you with a roadmap to excel and make your mark in the realm of fintech industry.

Stage 1: Initial Connection

The first stage of the interview process at Solaris is designed to establish an initial connection and assess your potential fit for the role. This stage involves two separate rounds:

1. Talent Acquisition Conversation: (20-30 min/phone or video interview)

During this round, you'll engage in a conversation with a representative from our Talent Acquisition team. This conversation aims to get to know you better, understand your career aspirations, and discuss your qualifications. It's an opportunity for you to learn more about Solaris and the role you're applying for.

2. Hiring Manager/Tech Screening Interview: (30 min/video interview)

In this round, you'll have a conversation with a Hiring Manager who specializes in the technical or hard skills aspects of the role. This discussion delves into your hard skills, experiences, and your approach to problem-solving. The goal is to assess your technical/professional fit for the position.

Stage 2: Deeper Exploration

The second stage of the interview process is all about exploring your abilities and alignment with Solaris's values. This stage includes two distinct rounds:

1. Hard skills deep dive discussion: (1 hour/video interview)

In this round, you'll engage in a hard skills deep dive with members of the team you'll potentially be working with. This discussion delves into the intricacies of the role, your professional expertise, and your ability to think critically and creatively in solving complex challenges.

For tech positions: Usually, there will be a tandem of two engineers on this interview stage. Depending on your specialty and your tech stack, you will have a chance to talk about your specific experience and go through theoretical questions. On this interview stage, you will face an interesting Architectural Case–to be discussed from a technical perspective together with the Engineers. You should be ready with an IDE environment for a coding challenge and maybe expected to share screens.

2. Mindset Interview: (45 min/video interview)

Cultural fit and behavioral alignment are integral aspects of your success at Solaris. In this round, the focus shifts towards understanding your mindset, how you collaborate with others, and how you respond to various situations. This interview assesses your fit within the Solaris team and culture.

Stage 3: The Closing Chapter

Phone call/Video call or email communication

The third and final stage of the interview process at Solaris involves a feedback call.

Feedback Call:

This concluding stage is an opportunity to discuss your performance in the previous rounds of interviews. You'll receive valuable feedback on your strengths and areas for growth. Furthermore, this call serves to outline the next steps in your application process. The feedback call is conducted either via a phone conversation, video call or through email communication by a member of our Talent Acquisition team. At Solaris, we recognize that the interview process is a two-way street. Just as we are assessing your suitability for the role, we encourage you to use this process to evaluate if Solaris aligns with your career aspirations and values. Throughout the journey, our aim is to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the role, the team, and the organization. A final decision is usually provided at this stage and next steps are discussed; either you have been successful in securing the role or you will not be progressing further - either way you will receive feedback accordingly.

It's not just an evaluation of your qualifications—it's an exploration of your potential to shine brightly.

In conclusion, the interview process at Solaris is meticulously crafted to provide you with a holistic assessment of your technical skills, mindset, and cultural fit. We believe in transparency, open communication, and fostering an environment where every individual's potential can thrive.

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