On the horizon: Future of Finance

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On the horizon: Future of Finance

Last Thursday (September 29th 2016) we from solarisBank, the world’s first independent banking platform, had the pleasure to host an evening of discussion with the fintech all-star team 11:FS from London. Founded this year by David M. Brear, Jason Bates, Simon Taylor and with Chris Skinner as a Non Executive Director, 11:FS helps banking execs deliver organisational change and next generation products and services.

Being the two most active fintech scenes in Europe, it was about time that experts from Berlin and experts from London were brought together to exchange on the future of finance. Each panelist (David Brear, Chris Skinner, Simon Taylor, Jason Bates and solarisBank board member Marko Wenthin) gave a quick introduction to his area of expertise, starting a discussion moderated by Andrea Rexer, Head of the financial desk at Süddeutsche Zeitung. Besides the rise of neo banks, the need of business model transformation in banking and the power of blockchain the discussion also focussed on banking as a platform as a new financial paradigm.

“Berlin has the same bustle feel that parts of London has to it which was fantastic to experience first hand. We saw and heard from some of the brightest startups in Berlin, from core banking, neo banking and banking as a platform (BaaP). We were blown away by the progress that has been made and the numbers that these guys are doing. Collectively the chatter in the airport on the the way home we were all left wondering if we need a Berlin office in the not too distant future and with such a vibrant ecosystem developing then I will be seriously considering it.”

-- David Brear, CEO & Co-Founder 11:FS

“The insights and ideas you can get from guys like David, Chris, Simon or Jason are priceless. It’s fantastic to host them and introduce them to Berlin fintech. This was just the start of an even closer exchange between the London and Berlin fintech scene.”

-- Marko Wenthin, Board Member solarisBank AG

Based in London, 11:FS are fintech thought-leaders and changemakers with considerable experience building ground-breaking financial products. Berlin host, solarisBank, is the world’s first independent Banking Platform enabling finance pioneers in the digital economy.

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