Making moves: solarisBank’s new Kreuzberg office

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Making moves: solarisBank’s new Kreuzberg office

Take a moment to indulge in the view above. In a few months’ time, this is what our solarians will be gazing at from their office windows. But before we reveal all the details of our new office, let us take you along a journey of how we got there …

Back in 2015, when the founding team of solarisBank was cooking up the idea for the Banking as a Service platform, we were housed in the offices of finleap, the company builder that helped kickstart solarisBank.

Come early 2016, with our banking license in hand and our vision in mind, we were ready move out of our safe refuge at finleap and into our own office at the heart of Berlin Mitte.

Fast forward two years to 2018, and we already had two floors filled with fin and tech enthusiasts. With over 50m euros of fresh funding and plenty of potential partners knocking on our door, it became clear that not only did we need even more talented people to sustain our exponential growth: we also needed more space for those talents.

Luckily, there was still some room left in the „finleap tower“ over at H32. So, part of our growing team joined the many other finleap ventures that had set up shop in Europe’s largest fintech hub. However, with a projected 100 new solarians joining the company in 2019 alone, it was clear from the start that this solution was only going to be temporary.

So, we continued our search for a new location. No easy feat, as anyone who’s ever been house hunting in Berlin will confirm - especially considering that both of our locations had spoilt our solarians with top locations and some of the most incredible views Berlin has to offer.

One year and dozens of viewings later, we are thrilled to present to you our splendid new office in the heart of Kreuzberg.


Spanning the top five floors of the brand-new Cuvry Campus, our new office sits right by the banks of river Spree. The campus boasts a magnificent view over Berlin’s cultural melting pot and offers an unparalleled concentration of exciting restaurants, cafés and bars. solarisBank will be moving in mid-2020 alongside other digital champions.

The building is still under construction, but that did not stop us from getting a sneak peek. Check out the snapshots and the message by our CEO Roland from the rooftop terrace overlooking the sunset.

IMG 8307

IMG 2890

IMG 3943

We can’t wait to move into our new home and continue our story in Kreuzberg. Would you like to be part of it? Why not have a look at our current openings?

Visit our careers page to see our current openings!

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