Interview with Delia König: Forbes 30 under 30 in Finance

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Interview with Delia König: Forbes 30 under 30 in Finance

We are proud to announce that yet another overachiever from the ranks of solarisBank has been bestowed with the prolific “Forbes 30 under 30” title. Delia König, the managing director of our newly established Identity Unit, has been selected from 600 European nominees as one of the young leaders that are on the fast track of rethinking our relationship with money. I was lucky to get a slot in her packed calendar to find out how she got where she is today, and where she plans to head from here.

Hey Delia! First of all, congratulations on this massive achievement! What was the first thing that went through your head when you heard the news?

Thank you very much! Of course, I felt very humbled, but usually I don’t enjoy standing in the limelight. All these years in my professional life I’ve always tried hard to conceal my real age — now I guess I can’t do that anymore (laughs).

How does one get to this stage at such a young age? Not an easy journey I imagine.

Well, I finished high school and studies at a very young age. After my studies, I began my career at one of the largest financial services consultancies in Germany, and, at that time, I was the youngest IT consultant there — and being the youngest means you constantly have to prove yourself.

And prove yourself you did! At just 21 years you started your own business! How did that shape you?

Yes, that was a truly formative experience and set the foundation for my career. It helped me to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that paved my way through the European fintech landscape. In fact, it still helps me every day at solarisBank.

So, what exactly is it that you do at solarisBank?

My team built an entire platform of KYC solutions in the past two years that enable fintechs, banks and corporates to offer super smooth onboarding processes to their customers. Together we’ve set a new market standard in Germany.

So, is there a secret formula to being named a Forbes 30 under 30?

(Laughs) I’m not sure about a secret formula, but I’ve always been passionate about my work. I’m a product owner at heart and work hard every day in order to make our product the best out there in the market. This drive got me where I am today.

A final word of wisdom for young professionals out there looking for a successful career in the financial sector?

Make your compliance officer your best friend!

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